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Mental Health First is a not-for-profit organization that provides counseling and mental health services to people with emotional and psychological challenges. We offer tailored wellbeing workshops.

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We are dedicated to your well-being. Our counselors make it their priority to help you feel safe and supported. Whether you are struggling with years of abuse and trauma, or simply need some support and stress management techniques, we are committed to your healing and growth.

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How to be HAPPY every day!

How to be HAPPY every day!

You don’t need a life makeover to experience more happiness. By putting a few simple habits in place, you will increase your happiness every day. And don’t worry, these habits are eminently doable – no daily kale drinks or hours at the gym required. 1. Say a morning...

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“LISTEN TO YOURSELF” – What does that mean?

“LISTEN TO YOURSELF” – What does that mean?

Psychologists often say that it's important to learn and listen to yourself. This idea is often rejected as soon as it seems selfish and wrong. There are two main reasons for it: 1) Attentiveness to yourself, trusting your feelings, is immediately identified with...

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Here Are The Top 5 Apps For Anxiety

Here Are The Top 5 Apps For Anxiety

In these challenging times many people are struggling with increased anxiety and stress. Worry about our health and the health of our loved ones, financial issues, disruption to our work and routine, and relationship and parenting challenges are among many of the...

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